Should You Be Talking About Your Art

March 18th, 2017
by Ann Kinney

A question was asked, “Why aren’t you talking about your art?” It was not a personal question, although the way it is framed here makes it seem so. It was a general question thrown out on Facebook by a blogger and artist acquaintance, Gwenn Seemel. Needless to say, I did not have an answer. But wait, there’s more, I did answer! I said I was self conscious, but what I really meant was that I was a afraid I would stop making art if I promoted it and received too much feed back, so I keep it within a small circle of people. What I realized, upon giving it some more though, was that any kind of feedback, negative or positive would have the same affect. Negative feedback would put me into a tailspin that I might not recover from. It would make me wonder why I am doing this at all. Too much positive feedback would leave me with the idea that this is the best I can do and I will never do anything this good again, so I might as well stop. Making art, the actual process, is way too important to me. Is this the artists’  dilemma?

I am doing new work now and it’s a little scary wandering in uncharted territory. Very much like taking your new born to the park, where even the kindest, well meaning people spread germs. So for now, all I can do is let someone peak under the covers. I can’t answer the hard questions like “tell me about it” or “what does it mean?” I have an vague idea of what I think it will grow up to be but even that keeps changing.

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