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LBI Artist’s Studio Tour

July 3rd, 2017


This is my second year on the LBI Artists Studio Tour. I do not have a studio here but am happy and lucky to be hosted at the m.t. burton gallery in Surf City. The goal of the tour is for people to come and see artists at work, to promote art and the artist and hopefully make some sales. Many artists are introverts so this can be extremely intense, but well worth it. My most memorable encounter was with a mother and her pre-teen son and his sketchbook.  He was on the tour to see how “real” artists work and it made me feel like a real artist and less like a little kid with a sketchbook, the way I usually feel, if that makes any sense.



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Should You Be Talking About Your Art

March 18th, 2017

A question was asked, “Why aren’t you talking about your art?” It was not a personal question, although the way it is framed here makes it seem so. It was a general question thrown out on Facebook by a blogger and artist acquaintance, Gwenn Seemel. Needless to say, I did not have an answer. But wait, there’s more, I did answer! I said I was self conscious, but what I really meant was that I was a afraid I would stop making art if I promoted it and received too much feed back, so I keep it within a small circle of people. What I realized, upon giving it some more though, was that any kind of feedback, negative or positive would have the same affect. Negative feedback would put me into a tailspin that I might not recover from. It would make me wonder why I am doing this at all. Too much positive feedback would leave me with the idea that this is the best I can do and I will never do anything this good again, so I might as well stop. Making art, the actual process, is way too important to me. Is this the artists’  dilemma?

I am doing new work now and it’s a little scary wandering in uncharted territory. Very much like taking your new born to the park, where even the kindest, well meaning people spread germs. So for now, all I can do is let someone peak under the covers. I can’t answer the hard questions like “tell me about it” or “what does it mean?” I have an vague idea of what I think it will grow up to be but even that keeps changing.

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